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I am Monique Ellis a wife and mother, who loves God, family, and a great picture! 

I drool over nice camera, lenses, and tripods so I guess that makes me a bit of a photography geek. I absolutely love the feeling of holding a camera but love even more looking at a beautiful moment that I was able to make live on forever. 

The common saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words but to me its worth ten thousand words so that is why I pay attention to every detail possible during my sessions.  I want for my customers to have a very personal and pleasurable custom photography experience equivalent to what a photography enthusiast like myself would love which is why I require pre-sessions to go over YOUR wants and desires for your session. 

Beauty can be found everywhere and in almost all things that is why I have not limited myself in photography. I photograph newborns, children, engagements, weddings, birthdays, events, school clubs, and models.

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